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I started collecting inspirational quotes when I joined the local Toastmasters Club. I was using inspirational quotes while writing speeches. When I collected my first 30 inspirational quotes, I started to think that maybe other people can benefit from them and I created a separate page on my personal site.

My collection kept growing and growing. Soon I had over 300 inspirational quotes (it seemed to be a lot at that time), and I could’t possibly put all quotes on one page. And then I realized that it was time to create a separate Web site. I added 70 of my favorite proverbs later.

 When selecting inspirational quotes, I sought quotes with a hidden call for action or that inspire a change. Some may feel that most of these quotes are for business. It could be true because many of these inspiring quotations are written by business people.

 We have a general list of quotes, proverbs, inspirational and business quotes organized by authors and by themes.


We even created a list of TOUNGE TWISTERS for you!

Many of the pages have no more than seven inspirational quotes (or inspirational proverbs). Why seven? The number seven has deep spiritual significance. It is the number of completion. Or maybe, it is simply looked good on a computer screen!

Every Wednesday is New Inspirational Quote Day. We post a new quote in the box you see below.

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"What's essential, I think, is that you have to be unafraid to grow. Do not fear change; be afraid of never changing." ~ Dan McCaw

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I hope you will find these quotes as inspiring as I do. If you would like to submit a business quote to this collection, send us an E-mail.
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~ Jessica Gale, Inspiration Station Founder

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